It starts with a Consultation

We would love to help further your career as a entertainment professional!  The purpose of this consultation is to assess where you are now, define your short term goals, your long terms goals and how we can help with your progression. 


Questionnaire/ What to bring

Everyone is different so we want to get to know YOU! Who are you? Why did you start this journey?  What traits and qualities do you have? Strengths and weaknesses? This will allow us to assist you in your journey! 

Plan of action/Goal list

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

By the end of the consultation, we will write out a goal list and how to execute it. This plan of action schedule will help you get the job done and feel accomplished.

Goal list.jpg

follow up.jpg

Follow up

"Success is in the Follow-up"

We are very hand-on with our clients. We want to see you succeed and cross items off your checklist. We commit to a timeline and we ask you to check back with us to see all you have accomplished.

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