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Private lessons starting at $65/hour.

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Private Sessions: Starting at $100/hour — The professional process of developing and polishing your craft. It consists of assessing career goals, strengths and weakness. Artist will receive vocal training, staging, songwriting, proper microphone technique, & choreography. Includes dance studio rentals

Songwriting: Prices Vary : We will introduce you to a songwriting team that can channel your artistry and make hit records!

Live Performance Coaching : Starting at $75/hour — Here’s your chance to sit with amazing performance coaches and choreographers to learn how to put together your very own show!

EPK Creation : $250: We will build you an EPK that helps industry leaders understand who you are as an artist and shows how valuable you are in this industry. Your EPK will act as your professional music resume and will include your bio, social media statistics, music and video links



Private Session: Starting at $150/song — Consists of choreographing routines for songs, video productions and staging.


Instagram/Youtube/BTS Starting at $250 — Each visual will be cut for 30sec, 45-1min, and a 1:30min recap

Music Videos: Starting at $1500 —  range in price depending on camera quality as well as what factor you may need. Beyond Castings and Production will produce all content and will collaborate with different directors.


Revamp: Starting at $175 — A social media specialist will assist with building your social media influence through curating post, scheduling post, attracting more followers, aesthetics and more engagement.



Personal: $85/hour — Vocal training with vocal coach. Recommend 2-4hr a day. 2-3 times a week.

Group: $175/hour — Vocal training for groups up to 3ppl. Recommend 2-3 times a week


Closet Revamp: $125/hour — Work 1 on 1 with a professional stylist and build your perfect look. Stylist will sort through your closet to see your options. .

Personal shopping: $65/hour  After a style consultation, they will curate a lookbook that matches your artistry and shop those looks. Clients will be able to try on the clothing and select what they are willing to buy (Cost of clothing not included)

Artist Image Branding: $750 payment plans available — An image consultant will asses brand identity and will aide in improving public presentation in the media portfolio and asset management. This includes closet revamp and personal shopping.


Personal Trainer: $350/mthly, payment plans available — Our amazing fitness trainers will customize a workout plan and healthy eating meal plan for you! Physical training will take place 4xs a week in order to hit your body goals

Meal Plans: $25 —Customized meal plan and one on one consult with fitness coach or nutritionist


Media Training: Starting at $150: Media training can teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your message in a powerful way. Every industry professional should be fully prepared to speak on camera!


Financial Advising: $125/hour —Finances can be a tricky subject, especially in the entertainment industry. A Financial advisor will assist with budgeting, investments, and tax preparation